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Scarlet Bay

Three sisters and a cousin find happily ever afters.

Summer Sparks

cover - bride reclines in rustic beach chair
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The judge's daughter. The drunkard's son. How will that work?

Anna Wynn is restless - and construction-boss Jason Jones never turns down a pretty woman. The idyllic beach house they’re trapped in is the perfect place to try for some excitement, but enemies becoming lovers can leave lives in tatters.

Anna has arrived in Scarlet Bay to prepare for her wealthy family’s Christmas vacation. Big tough Jason is right in the way – even in the bed she intended claiming as her own. She vows not to let this infuriating tower of testosterone upset her careful plans, but his rippling body and huge tattoo are hard to ignore.


Jason’s dreams were ruthlessly crushed by his alcoholic father. Now he’s finally become the man he always hoped to be – the strong, focussed boss of his own construction company. Uptight, interfering Anna Wynn threatens to turn his life upside down, and soon both their closed-off hearts are under siege. When Anna’s huge secret is revealed, will he be willing to pick up the pieces?  

Summer Secrets

Summer SECRETS cover - woman has arms around man
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Can Cam save Jossy? Or will Jossy save Cam?


Lawyer Josslyn Wynn secretly yearns for a husband and family, but a shocking accident made children impossible, and her sharp manner and workaholic lifestyle make landing a man unlikely. Even the billionaire Wynn family can't reverse a tragedy like that.

When Cameron Mackay ran out on Jossy’s pregnant housemate, Jossy fought for a Protection Order to prevent him from seeing his son. She couldn’t forgive him for throwing away something she wanted so deeply herself but could never have.

Because Cam was the opposing client in the court case, she should have nothing to do with him, but when they meet at a dinner party, his knowing grin and sexy suggestions scrape over her soul like sandpaper and she finds him impossible to ignore.


It sticks in Cam’s gut to be forced to play nice with the bitter, beautiful lawyer, but soon he sees he must re-assess everything he assumed about her, and everything he thought he wanted in his own casual, free-wheeling life.

Summer Spice

Summer Spice cover - man with Asian woman in sunshine
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Opposites attract - but fate has other ideas.

Oliver Wynn was fascinated by Meifeng Chan from the moment he was old enough to know what girls were for. Mei was too realistic to ever accept a date with him; Ollie from the billionaire Wynn family and the Chinese girl from the takeaway shop? Not going to happen!

Fifteen years later fate has slammed them together. Ollie’s cousin, Anna, has asked him to keep Meifeng hidden in the family’s luxurious new beach house so her abusive boyfriend can’t find her and beat her up again. Ollie is furious and protective and spoiling for a fight, but Mei is wary and defensive and no way ready to trust another man.


They have three long days to keep their hands off each other.

Summer Santa - a Christmas novella

Summer Santa cover - smiling woman cuddles sleeping man

Strangers to lovers, because he’s irresistible.

In other families she’d be the extrovert – the middle daughter with nothing to lose. But Becca Wynn is serious, solitary, and thinks she’s happy that way. When she accidentally knocks Mack Mackay off his crutches, her ordered life is turned upside down.

Scientist Mack is sociable, optimistic, and determined to add more fun to Becca’s life. She’s way out of her comfort zone, and her limping, laughing new friend with the ridiculous beard he grew in Antarctica is bulldozing her defenses flat.

Christmas is only days away. Mack has almost no time to persuade quiet Becca her life is meant to be lived noisily and passionately – with him. She’s in for a Christmas lunch she’ll never forget when he breaks out the lilac hair bleach, his father’s velvet robe, and a Santa hat.

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Scarlet Bay 1,2,3

box-set cover for Scarlet Bay novels - embracing couple plus 3 covers

Enjoy the three Scarlet Bay novels at a saving.


Buy this boxset and get three books for the price of two. Or read on KU and it counts as only one borrow.

Summer Sparks - Anna and Jason.

Summer Secrets - Jossy and Cam.

Summer Spice - Meifeng and Oliver

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