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Short & Spicy

Novellas and short stories if your time is tight.

Christmas Twist

Christmas Twist cover - man and woman in Santa hats play with sparklers on beach
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A gorgeous split-time romantic novella

The Bennett twins spell double trouble for Gabriella Clifton. A year of study in London with the handsome brothers ends with souvenirs she never expected.

Twenty years later, home in New Zealand, a surprise visit from Donny Bennett turns her world upside down. Can she trust his words? Can she believe her eyes? Can she guard her heart against his unrelenting charm offensive?

As the Christmas sun shines down on the big old house by the sea, Gabi must decide the shape of her future.

Woman in sunhat sits on tropical palm trunk on beach

A tender feel-good holiday novella

She’s tiny. Blonde. Challenging. Troubled. He’s tall. Dark. Ambitious. Confused.

Emmy Rossiter wants a few days of sunshine in Hawaii to gather strength for an upcoming family battle. But she wasn’t expecting lava-hot kisses on top of a volcano with Californian winemaker Carter.

Carter Cassidy needs time away from ‘a situation’. Maui with his mates seems the ideal answer – until he discovers an enticing woman who distracts him a lot more than the bars and beers.

Will romance with a stranger from the other side of the world bring happiness for them both?

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Kiwi Summer Christmas

cover of Kiwi Summer Christmas - couple embrace by Christmas tree
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Christmas is close, and the first date for high-country shepherd Brigitte Foster and rugged farmer Steve Sorenson should go well. Unfortunately, Brigitte needs a dress for the date and she isn't a dress sort of girl. Borrowing one from an empty room in Steve’s farmhouse seems like a harmless thing to do, but her choice sets off a chain of events which blows Steve’s family apart and digs up buried pain for all involved.


Now, they need a sparkly Christmas miracle to save them. She has the three wise dogs. He has the repainted stable. But will this be enough?

Holiday Magic

Holiday Magic box-set - man and woman open gifts with 3 smaller covers below

Christmas Twist, Santa Claws, and Kiwi Summer Christmas - combined for a very good price.

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Short & Sweet

Short and Sweet cover - couple in garden. 19 short stories
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There seem to be fewer and fewer short stories in magazines these days, and I think that's a shame. Here we have a bumper collection of nineteen. Some have appeared in mass-market magazines, some have been produced for radio. Most have been contest winners or finalists.

They’re all tender stories guaranteed to make your heart beat a little faster and show that romance can flourish in the most unlikely places. For an extra-romantic touch, I've chosen the garden of The Mission House (also known as Kemp House) as the cover picture. This is the oldest existing European building in New Zealand, and sometimes used as a wedding venue.

Short stories are an art in themselves, and I really love writing them. Sometimes they capture only a moment of life... just a small situation that might have unexpected significance. 'Deamboats' is exactly this - a few minutes of my own family's history that I wove into an entirely different scenario. I hope you enjoy them all.

Meet my other half...

Xmas Marks the Spot cozy mystery. Womand and Christmas tree and dogs.jpg

I also write cozy mysteries as Kristie Klewes. Funny, flirty murders set in Drizzle Bay (where the sun shines quite a lot!)

If you'd like to meet my cast of lovers and killers, just come on over by tapping the apple. That'll take you straight to Kristie's website. 



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