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Spicy stories about couples who fall in love, mostly in my beautiful homeland of New Zealand - three green islands deep in the southern Pacific Ocean. This where you'll find amazing scenery and men and women who live life to the full. 

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Box-sets of three to save you money - great if you're in KU because they're only one 'borrow'

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           Kris Pearson - South & Sexy 123 boxset  Kris Pearson South & Sexy 4,5,6 boxset  All for Love box-set - Kris Pearson

               Scarlet Bay box-set - Kris Pearson



Promise you Nothing is way on the steamy side... 

The fixer-upper from hell and newly-pregnant, newly-broke Emmie. Who's going to win this battle?




Being read the most in KU - my two Sheikh novels

Sheikhs with a difference. Impossible love affairs - or are they?

Kris Pearson - 2 sheikh novels



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                               Maybe by Christmas - Kris Pearson



The newest of my cozies -

                  Body! they Barked graphic -Kris Pearson

Cozy mystery number 4 has now been launched. Murders in Drizzle Bay are real fun for me to write - and for you to read. Tap the graphics for more.



Now five novels translated into Spanish

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 Kris Pearson - five Spanish covers